Sunday, January 15, 2012


This is another example of how music and films work together in harmony. For this film, each shot is in synchronization with the music and its beats. By the looks of things I think the shots would have been edited to fit the music. Sometimes its the other way round, but in this instance I think it works really well, it gives the film a beat and a rhythm to go by. Again it shows you need a relevant and coherent piece of music that will work with the film.

For me I quite enjoy the contrast between the fast beat music and the long shots, it gives you time to process things. If it were to have quick cuts through the whole film it would be too much, you would not be able to take all the information in.

I have been looking for some pieces, mainly on Soundtrack Pro at the minute. I have come across a couple which could work, they have a delicate and calm feel to them, however I cannot really do anything yet until we get the storyboard properly sorted out so we know what each shot will be like. I can get an idea at this stage of what to look for, but apart from that it's hard to do much else.

Trieste from Andrija Kova─Ź on Vimeo.

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