Thursday, January 12, 2012

Film Animatic

To get an idea of roughly how long each shot will be and how long in total our film will last, I created an animatic using the drawings from the storyboard Lija created. It was quite hard to work out how long each shot would take, so it was only an estimate from what I could imagine. Our video can be up to 2 minutes, so with the timings I got, we have plenty of time to spare. I know that when it does come to editing the footage there will probably extra, so with this timing it will give us a bit of leeway to work around.

I used After Effects and placed each image into the composition, adjusting each to the right timing. It was pretty straight forward, with no complications, however I think I will also add some sound on top to give it a bit more substance as right now it is a bit slow paced. When it comes to the final video we will be having sound in the form of foley using the sound booths at uni and possibly the use of the BBC sound library which we have access to on our course.

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