Thursday, January 12, 2012

Little and Large - Storyboard

So for my animation module I have to create a 30-45 second animation based on the title 'Little and Large'. I finally got round to drawing up my storyboard to show what will take place during my animation. At the moment it is still rough and I'm planning to go over each shot in colour to give a better sense of what the scene will actually entail.

Basically what is happening is that there is a train, going along its tracks happy as can be, however it comes to a sudden halt when it reaches almost a dead end with the track being broken to reveal a canyon. It backs up the track frightened and not knowing what to do, however it builds up the courage to try and go for it and shoots down the track and over the canyon. To show that it's little and large, on one shot the camera will zoom out to show how small the train is in comparison to the large gap of the canyon.

I have tried to keep everything simple at this stage, not only for my benefit but more for the fact that because of the style of the train, a simple environment is more suited for it. When you look up Brio, everything is all child friendly and is created using simple shapes and colours. I have set my train in the desert because of the canyon. As there are no Brio cacti to reference from, I looked at Brio trees to get the basic idea and went from there.

As I have mentioned above on the design sheet, I will need to experiment with how I want my cacti to look. Will I want them to be textured like a real cactus? or will I just want to keep with the basic colours. If I were to texture it properly, I run the risk of it being too life like and not fitting in well with the train, however I think I want to give it some texture to make it a bit more substantial. To get around this I may have to come up with a basic texture rather than over complicating it.

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