Sunday, January 15, 2012


Evaluations - we all know what they are and we all have written quite a few up to this point. At first sight of this lecture I was slightly confused as to how this would help me in any way as I have written quite a few evaluations throughout school and college and never really had any problems with them. However amongst the things that I already knew, there were a few points that were new to me and I had not really thought about before.

When writing and evaluation you should try and not use these phrases:
  • I think I made good progress...
  • Pleased with my work...
  • I worked hard...
As I think back to all my previous evaluations, more times than one I have realised I've used these phrases. They may have been suitable at the time, however at degree level, the wording and the context of those phrases seem quite basic and not adequate enough for what you're wanting to evaluate.

Another way of evaluating is measuring yourself against the best, against professionals. This may seem a bit ambitious, however no-one is expecting you to be exactly like them. I think for me it would be more about the process and comparing the outcome to theirs using the same technique.

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