Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Define Me? - Film Planning

We have now settled on our final idea of what our film is to be about. Lija has drawn up the storyboards which you can find HERE. She has done a really good job of accurately showing what we want to achieve and by having this it will not only help us follow it through; but help the actress we have to understand what she needs to do.

As we are planning to film outside for part of the film I have drawn up like an aerial view of what will happen, this is just to outline where the actress will be moving and where the specific actions will take place. It breaks the storyboard down a bit more and can make some areas more clear to understand.

When filming outside, we will need extra people to play the parts of the passers by and also some other people to help us handle the set itself e.g. sectioning off the certain area we will be filming in, to stop the general public walking through.

For the inside part of the film, we have booked out the photography studio at our uni as we need a white space. Most things have been organised for the filming, just the few loose ends e.g. filming equipment, extra people to help - but that shouldn't be too much of a problem to sort out once we get back to uni.

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