Monday, January 16, 2012

Laws of Motion

Laws of Motion | a short film by Lindsay Gilmour from Lindsay Gilmour on Vimeo.

I found this short animation on Vimeo and thought it was really clever. Instead of just writing about it, Lindsay Gilmour has created a short animation demonstrating the laws of motion. Something that is visual tends be more memorable than just something that is written.

I like how she has given the two objects such character, the way that they are influence their actions and also their reactions. Just because it is educational doesn't mean it has to be boring, she has incorporated some comedy into it which makes it far more interesting and I've found that I've watched it several times now. By showing what each law of motion is through animation you are able to understand it more. I will find this quite useful as with any animation, these laws will apply, my train will have to keep moving up until the point where it stops itself. I will have to bear in mind that gravity does take place so in order for my train to make the big jump across the canyon it will need a gain considerable speed and have a big enough 'run up' to the gap.

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