Saturday, January 14, 2012

2nd Poem - Carrot or Corriander

As our first film is in its editing stage, me and Lija have decided to crack on with the second poem, trying to come up with some basic ideas and find some inspiration to relate to it. The poem that we have chosen is by Ayesha Hussain.

'carrot or corriander me love, with a buttered bun?'
on the cushioned grass we lay once,
the damp patch wet my bum; I watched as he
lay down a soft white linen sheet
his mouth curled into an 'O' as he spoke
and the moment felt wry, as if the damp
clogged up my throat, yet
he spoke silkily, softly
so solemn despite the cool wet wind

The initial ideas we thought about were a possible montage of serene shots as the poem itself comes across as quite calm and peaceful. You get the idea that the people in the poem do not have a care in the world about their surroundings, only to each other. Something that seems quite similar to this is the Heinz Soup Advert. There image below suggests that even though it is really cold and a miserable day, the man is not bothered by any of it because of his soup and its warmth it brings.

The video below is something I found on Vimeo with just searching 'field'. I really love the cinematography in this and this may be a route in which we pursue during our next film. Lija has produced a blog about another video by Camille Marotte HERE. The music for this piece is really stunning. I've come to realise that without music films, games or animations would not hold up well enough. The music can add more emotion to a piece than what is already viewable on screen. When done right it can open up so many doors. As our next film will have a calm feel to it, we will need to find an appropriate track to fit it well. The music we choose needs to emphasise the tranquility of the film.

.:Coquelicot from Camille Marotte on Vimeo.

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