Friday, March 23, 2012

Yipo Gao

As I am further developing my concept art for my game level, I came across this artist, Yipo Gao and was instantly drawn to his use of colour. The two pieces I chose both have a similar colour palette, however the scenes differ quite drastically. The one on the left seems to be an underwater scene whereas the one below is within a wood/swamp area. Depending on the types of foliage and the way it is lit, it can alter the perception of the image to a person. I've come to realise that a lot of underwater foliage and the creatures that dwell deep in the ocean can seem quite alien-like. They can hold an appearance to which we are not accustomed to so something that is not of the norm will seem almost as if it is from another planet.

Like a previous artist I have blogged about, Lianna Tai, Yipo Gao has also used pinks within his work and to me, in each of the artists pieces they seem to suggest that these plants or objects aren't natural, that the pinks make them glow, they seem to come alive with that colour. I created a colour sheet for my main mushroom and I did try out a combination of pinks, however when I asked people's opinion they seemed to be drawn to the blue/aqua colours more. Either way, both blue and pink - or any colour infact can suggest an alien lifeform or object, it is just depends on what the object is and what textures are actually put onto them to emphasise it more.

I really like both images are they give off a kind of mysterious yet possibly dark atmosphere which is something I want to achieve in my concept art and game level. I will see what I can achieve concept art wise using photoshop, however I think I may be more successful giving off that kind of atmosphere in my final game level when I have all the textures light and any extra effects put in.

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