Sunday, October 16, 2011

Robh Ruppel

Two different concepts from the same artist, I like how when you compare them against each other, they contrast really well together. You have the collection of items in a small space against a simple and tidy large room. Even though the room may seem cluttered with many items, you get an idea of what the person who lives there might be like. They could be a person interested in collecting antiques, collecting things for a purpose or even just a hoarder. Though there is a lot of things that occupy this drawing, you are still able to see the detail on individual items. There is a direct light source which indicates there is an open door and from this it highlights certain areas, making them brighter and easier to see.

The second image is more refined with the drawing style and tones of the image. This one gives you perspective which shows you the depth of the room and the scale of the items that are contained within it. This gives me a good idea of how to portray my room when I come to draw it as I need to produce a perspective drawing amongst elevations and plans all drawn to scale. As my character lives in the 1600's the room itself will be quite simple in the way of decoration, so to compliment with this I think I will keep the objects in the room to a minimum. I like how levels have been incorporated into this as it makes the room more interesting than just having it all flat. They don't add a whole new floor to the room, instead it adds separate areas which help to break up the room yet keeping it all open plan.

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