Sunday, October 16, 2011

Jason Scheier

This is a concept art from 'Kung Fu Panda'. The immediate thought I get from this is confinement. Locked away behind a door with only a window, bed and some junk surrounding the character. I like the idea of having a small room - not necessarily for someone to be locked away within it, but to have everything close by, no need to walk into another room to get a book for example. This is another example of a perspective drawing, you can really see how long the room is compared to its width. This image is quite plain - the walls, floor, no real decoration yet even though this is the case, it all works together because of the use, being a room of confinement.

As my character will spend most of her time residing in her 'hideout' this is the place where she keeps all the information she gathers along her journey. She also has an extensive collection of books and a few key items hidden away. This place is more of a work place so there would be no need for decoration or extravagance, only the essentials. I was thinking about having a bed in her hideout, however to be more inconspicuous and not linger in one place too often, I thought it would be best if she had a separate place where she would live properly.

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