Friday, October 28, 2011

Final Character Part 2

Here is my final character sheet I have been meaning to put up. On this sheet I decided to show some of my characters expressions, along with some different poses. During this module I had found it very hard to try and draw the same face several times, so I felt that if I tried to draw my character with different expressions it may help me to overcome this problem. When I look at the expressions I've drawn I think they have turned out better than I had expected, showing anger, happiness, sadness, stubbornness/stern look. I do realise however that these expressions do not completely have the same look at my final character e.g the face differs - the size and shape. This is something I really need to work on, achieving consistency in my drawings, yet I feel it shows that I am able to portray different emotions and that it also adds more to my character in the form of personality.

There are two other main things I wanted to show using this character sheet:
1. The cloak that my character wears
2. The function of her shoes

Her mother was a seamstress who would create necessary clothing and accessories for the rebel society in order to help them during their missions. The cloak was her mother's most famous piece, an ordinary piece of clothing on the outside, however within it you would be able to store everything you needed without being detected. The use of pockets on the inside of the cloak also made it easy and quick to obtain an item when needed, it also saved carrying around a bag full of items which would actually draw more attention to the person.

Even though both her parents were part of the rebel society as informants, they had side lying jobs to try and not be discovered. Her father was a shoemaker and would create basic shoes with a purpose. The shoes my character wears were specifically designed for her, blades can be hidden under the sole of the shoe and can be drawn out in dire situations. If she has no weapons on hand, she will always have a few blades hidden away secretly.

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