Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Flipbook Animation

Having drawn out my animation sequence in my flipbook, I then scanned each page in and saved them individually. Using After Effects I imported one image and interpreted the footage to create my short animation.

This one is done using 12 fps (frames per second) however I feel that the movements seem a bit too fast. I slowed it down to 10 fps in the video below. It seems to work slightly better, however I feel that if I extended out the actions more (over more pages) then I might have been able to get it to work at 12 fps.

There are some issues I came across when drawing up this animation, the main one being was that to begin with I only had my character pulling down her hood. This was only about 13 pages so I needed to fill up the rest. It took me several attempts before I settled on the final thing where she moves her head and smiles. When I look back on it now I see that her head gets smaller and her features slightly change. This is something I will definitely need to work on, making sure that in every scene the character has the same look about them. I think the problem occurred when I came to moving her head,  I thought I would have been able to draw it from a slightly different angle; however looking at this,  I wasn't able to achieve this. I have since tried to draw it again but I have had no luck. I'm not sure what it is, maybe the proportions of the face or just the way I'm drawing her features. In the future I think I will redraw the same face many times from different angles to get in as much practice as possible.

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