Tuesday, October 4, 2011


An archetype is a generic term for a personality. It has taken me awhile to figure out what archetype my character is, but after filling out my character sheet and writing out in depth her personality and background; I have found she can fit into the 'hero' however the 'survivor' is more relevant.

The Survivor: Normally has been through a tragic circumstance which in turn has led the character to find strength within it to pursue their goal. They have a strong sense of survival and street smarts but will keep their intelligence hidden from others.


My characters background is based around her parents being part of the rebel society, trying to bring down the higher authority, however they were killed by soldiers. This in turn makes my character want to push forward with the rebellion and find out what really is going on. Her mother and father were also informants to the rebel society, they taught their daughter everything they knew so she began to know how to obtain certain information and gained a wide knowledge. Because of this I find that it fits very well into the 'survivor' archetype.

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