Friday, October 28, 2011


Here I have produced a 1-point perspective of my characters environment. I originally drew it out on paper then scanned it in to add colour. I began using photoshop but I found that I couldn't achieve the right look that I wanted. In the end I downloaded Sketchbook Express to try out a different piece of software. I found it far more simple to use, though with the express version it was limited to the amount of tools and layers. When looking back at this, I find that my concept piece looks better. I found it hard to decide on colours and now I notice that the perspective is slightly off; the main thing being the table isn't along the same perspective line as the floor/walls.

I quite like the way I created the bookcase, I had the books blurry as this way they wouldn't stand out too much and draw attention away from the whole piece. I definitely need to improve the way I colour as it is not up the the standard I would like it to be. With my character I was able to colour it quite well, though I did use Illustrator first. I may have to go back to this technique with using Illustrator first to outline and add some colour and gradient; and use Photoshop to edit the final touches.

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