Thursday, October 6, 2011

Character Development: Faces

Whilst researching the 17th century, I came across that most women in that era would wear their hair up, so my initial sketches were to try and replicate this style, this then developed into a more reformed style. I decided I wanted the hair to look a bit more tidy and not too curly or messy, this would suggest that she had time and would put in the effort to look after her appearance. I also added beads in her hair to add some elegance and structure, as this would break up the sections and define them more.

I found it difficult to begin with to draw a similar looking face several times in different positions. I always found that the eyes were the most awkward thing to get right as to me, if they were different they would end up creating a whole new character, so this is why I probably had problems with the faces looking the same.

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