Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pedro Nuñez

This piece is quite different to the work of Robh Ruppel as there is a lot more going on in this image, not only with the amount of items within the room but also with the fact that the characters are present. You can see that this room is quite organic in the way that wood has been used to construct the main structure, there is also part of a tree that is forcing its way through the place and intertwining itself, becoming one with the building. Because of this very little light is being let through so the main source is coming from the fire, it draws your eye to this point as it is the brightest part, yet it also adds a warmth to the image even though the mood seems quite dark and mysterious. A lot of detailing has been created which adds to the characters background. It looks like he may be a witch doctor of some sort with the amount of stuff he has collected and the types of things too. The look and feel of a room can give you a good idea of what the character may be like. I really like the style of the room as you notice things in it that you wouldn't necessarily see the first time you look at it. It also tells a story of its own of how it might have became the way it is.

My character likes to be quite organised so even though there is a lot of things to look at which will keep you interested, I don't think this idea is right for my character. I think her room will have to be more uniformed and look as smart as it can be for someone living in the 17th century who isn't rich.

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