Sunday, October 16, 2011

Alex Drummond

I like the whole style of this piece, the way that the room is almost circular, which brings together all the elements of the room and draws your eye around it. The room has been sectioned off which could suggest different types of books and items being in each part. By incorporating the character into this piece, you get to see the scale of the room compared to him. It is by any means significantly larger, with this scale you begin to wonder whether or not it is designed for this character or is it inhabited by a much taller person/creature. There are a collection of books that are contained on the shelves, however there looks to be cobwebs covering them. These small details add to the description and story of the piece, it suggests no-one has been here in a long time, however all the lights seem to be in working condition. I find that it's the little details which add up amongst the lighting and colour to create the overall atmosphere of the piece.

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