Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Along with the concept drawing of our environment, I am also required to produce elevation drawings, floorplans and a perspective drawing using a 1 or 2 point perspective.

These here are the elevation drawings for my room. When drawing elevations and floorplans, everything has to be done to scale. My scale I worked out to be 1cm : 20cm, and below is a list of all the components to my room with their real size and their to scale size.

Even though all my measurements are precise and accurate, I made my life really difficult by just using plain paper and a ruler. If I had used graph paper I would have probably been able to produce these drawings in half the time it actually took me. So for my final environment sheet I think I will try and place each elevation and floor plan onto some graph paper in Photoshop. The main thing I do need to do is put on the actual measurements against the drawings, so I will do this very soon on the final one.

These final two drawings are my floorplans. The one of the left being the bottom level and the right one being the top level (The top level is only a ledge so that is why part of the ground floor is shown in the drawing). Again I need to put on measurements against the drawing and I think I also need to write on what each object is; as from this view it can be hard to distinguish the objects from one another.

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