Tuesday, October 25, 2011


For the final part of this module, we have to create an environment in which our character spends most of their time in. Whether it be a room they retire to or a space which they spend most of their time in. For my character I decided she would have a small space - possibly within a run down old house, down a street in Paris where she could go to and not be discovered. This place would hold all her necessary items and bits and pieces to help her in the rebel society's mission.

In this room, she will have a bookcase filled with a range of books where she can reference a number of subjects from combat to inventions and literature. There are only windows at the top part of the room as to make sure nobody can look through to see what is going on. By having a ledge around the top, my character is able to go up there and see what is going on out on the street and to see whether or not she is being watched. On the wall in which her desk is against she will have many pieces of paper which will hold details of all the important people who are part of the higher authority; and any other information people have given her or she has found out herself.

I took some images from the internet, pictures I took from museum visits and scanned in images from books to produce a moodboard. This collection of images is an idea of what colours and textures I am aiming to use when it comes to producing a rendered version of my room. I want the room to have an old/run down feel however the pieces of furniture that she does have in there to be in a pristine condition. I want the objects in the room to reflect upon what my character is like. Very well groomed, takes care of her appearance yet if it comes to it she will do what she has to to stay undetected. She has set up place in a rundown house in order to stay inconspicuous to people yet she takes pride in the things that she owns.

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