Monday, October 17, 2011

Final Character

So here she is - Cécile in a t-pose and turnaround 

To create this I firstly drew my character out by hand on paper and then scanned this in to trace over the image in Illustrator - using the techniques I learnt in the induction. I then filled in the areas of colour using 'live paint' and added a few gradients. I found it a hard to get the gradients exactly how I wanted them so I exported the image into Photoshop and edited it further on there. I used a few tools to achieve more highlights and texture on the dress. The main problem I had was drawing the shoes, especially on the front view. I found it really hard to make it look right and in proportion to the rest of the character so that is why I find the feet to look a bit stumpy. I think next time I will have to gather more references for this part of the body in order for me to achieve the right look and draw it more in proportion. As I have mentioned previously she has a shorter dress that what would have been the norm in the 17th century, so I have designed her with a cloak to cover herself with - this will also act as a place where she can store items and objects secretly within the pockets on the inside of the cloak. (I will put the final concept sheet up soon!). What I am fond of about this work is how I achieved the colours and tones, I find that they work really well and adds a slight texture to the dress itself.

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