Sunday, October 16, 2011

Photography Induction

Over 2 inductions, I learnt the basics of using a D-SLR camera: aperture, shutter speeds, ISO, white balance and focal points. I also was able to learn and use some of the lighting equipment that was available. Even though I had done digital photography on my previous course, I still learnt things which I didn't know like setting up lighting equipment and changing the white balance on the camera which would affect the light that would enter the camera when taking a photograph. Below are some of the images that I produced.

 Depth of Field - Shallow depth of field
Low aperture

Lighting - adjusting lights to create shadows

 Macro Lens - 
allows you to focus on minute details more so than just using the standard macro setting

Depth of Field - Shallow depth of field
Low aperture

Lighting - strong shadows created

I found that the most effective ones were the ones using light. With light it can create dramatic shadows and tones which can emphasize an image, however it can also add highlight subtly to create a softer more delicate image. I do like the use of shallow depth of field because of the sense of the depth of field (as the name states), not only this but you can get to concentrate on the part that is in focus more - you are not distracted by anything prominent in the background.

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