Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fable 2 Concept Art

Having previously played Fable 2 I decided to look at the concept art behind it as when I played the game I was really intrigued with the style and composition of the game-play.

Unlike 'Deus Ex' this game is seems to be in the same era as the style of clothes. The clothes however have been altered in certain ways to make them more than just a copy from historical costumes and in order to fit in with the style of the game. There are a range of characters which appear throughout the game and the clothes that they wear tend to define what social class they are part of. The slightest alteration of the clothing can say something completely difference about the character. For example the cut away skirts could show the characters to be of a lower class, as people who are higher up in society would tend to cover up and show their standards. Colours also play a big part, as the bottom image is quite dull and lacks expression it could suggest that the family are not happy with the way that they are or the way that they are living. The image above the characters have been given red and purple clothing - this tends to be more of a 'regal' colour which could suggest that they would like to think of themselves in that high position in society.

My character has a shorter dress than what would have been normal during the 1600's, I did this as I wanted her to appeal to more modern day culture, so to get around her sticking out too much in her society I gave her a cloak in which she could wear when needed. Even though her dress is shorter, her appearance isn't as rough looking as the characters below. She has more of an upper class standard about her and likes to keep herself looking nice. Her clothing is made up of purples and reds, not because she is of a high class but more of the fact that by dressing like she is from that class, the soldiers are less likely to think of her as a threat and question what she does.

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