Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Saturday Lecture and Reel Review

On Saturday, The Art Department's (TAD) Animation Department hosted a free lecture online with animator, Andrew Gordon and story artist, Sam Hood who work at Pixar. There was limited space for the lecture so I was put on the waiting list, because of this I missed out on the majority of Andrew's part of the lecture. Even though I missed out, the rest of the lecture was invaluable. Sam Hood roughly went through his process of how he would take a story and turn it into boards. He did a live demo which was really useful to see how he would work and the software he used. After this, reel reviews took place. When signing up to the lecture, you could submit your reel for review, however I didn't do this as I was currently in the process of putting together a new one. Only a few were reviewed but it was great to see the critique and even though it wasn't my work, I could see how I could take their advice and implement it into my own work. Over the past couple of years I've always been watching animation reviews, they're quite accessible with the online animation courses. Whilst it doesn't show the whole review, it's still really useful and through watching them, I've been picking up techniques and ways in which to improve my own animations. It's always inspirational and invaluable information to see how a professional in the industry works.

After this course I'm seriously considering taking online animation courses to further my knowledge and improve my animation. Having one to one reviews and learning from an industry professional will really benefit me, as so far I've very much been self taught. I feel that by doing those, it will also give myself more confidence in my work.

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