Thursday, January 30, 2014

Story Ideas

Initially my story revolved around a small dragon and his desire to get the best apple that was high up in a tree. He would be determined in his quest and not want to give up. I decided to expand on this and make it really obvious that he would not be deterred, no matter what stood in his way, or how many failures he endured. After passing round some ideas, I settled upon the dragon failing numerous amounts of times, each time he would come back with a new idea/contraption to get him across the ravine and to the apple. Each idea is almost like an upgrade from the last, as if he was evolving, first using the environment to his advantage, then progressing to creating machines of a higher capability. I'm wanting my animation to be comedic, something light hearted and that will make people laugh. It also gives me the opportunity to really experiment with facial animation and comedy performances. I will explore different types of comedy in another blog post and in which category my animation will fall in to.

Below shows the log line of my story and the main beats that will take place. It gives a good overview of how it will all pan out and the main gist of the story. From here, I need to work out what will take place in each shot in between the beats. This is where I will be really flushing out my story and getting a good idea of how I will go about animating certain shots.

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