Tuesday, January 28, 2014


I came across this interactive animation earlier today (FOUND HERE) It's a lovely little animation made for ING and UNICEF. What makes it stand out from the rest is the interactivity, using your phone, you can change the story whenever you want. There are two different versions and whenever you turn your phone, it seamlessly changes from one to another. It's a different approach to advertising charities on TV, where a lot of the time people are unengaged. By having an interactive approach, it draws you into the story and you become more engaged with the animation and the character. Having the ability to switch allows for two stories to be told simultaneously, yet puts the control in the audiences hands. This is an interesting concept and shows how a something can differ greatly due to just one small thing such as school in this case. It makes the message clear to the audience and allows them to see what could happen if it were to go either way.

ING UNICEF LUNA VFX breakdown from miopiafxdemos on Vimeo.

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