Saturday, January 25, 2014

Mouse or Tablet?

Something that I have come across before is the use of a graphics tablet when animating. It has been suggested that this is better than a mouse, due to it being faster and feeling more natural. A big reason to try and change is to reduce repetitive strain injury, something that can happen after a prolonged period of time working with mice. This is not to say that using a graphics tablet eradicates this, but it might reduce the effects. RSI is the main thing that worries me and how it could one day stop myself from animating, so trying to use a graphics tablet instead of a mouse may be a good idea. Graphics tablets are supposedly being used more within the industry so it seems worthwhile trying to get used to it so I'm not just limited to using a mouse. There is the issue of people not being able to return to a mouse (when animating) once using a tablet for a while, but if it ends up being easier and faster for myself then it might be worth it.

A lot of it is down to personal preference and how you can adapt to it, but it's something to bear in mind and try to work on. I tried out a tablet before when animating and it did need some getting used to, however there was a more natural feeling to it. It will be interesting to see if I find it quicker to use than a mouse and if it brings any other benefits. The ideal tablet would be a Wacom Intuos, however the price tag can be an issue. For now I think I will just be trying to get to grips with it using my Wacom Bamboo, if it works for the best I may invest in a better model somewhere down the line. Many people on 11 Second Club seem to be in favour for the tablet and it's always good to hear how other animators are finding it and the benefits they are getting from using it.

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