Thursday, January 30, 2014

Geri's Game

Geri's Game is a short animation created by Pixar which revolves around a game of chess. What's clever about this animation is that there is only one character, yet as it progresses you believe that there are two men playing the game. To distinguish from each other, they have different personalities even though deriving from the same character. Their personalities determine their expressions which create a really entertaining performance. This is something I want to try and achieve in my own animation, actions speak louder than words, so I want to create a performance with engaging gestures that represent my character's personality.

This animation has been shot in a way that only one character is ever seen, giving the illusion that there are two. It cleverly cuts in between actions, which also adds to the illusion, as if they were interacting with one another. If an action was carried out fully before cutting to the next shot it may not have worked as well as it does. Shot composition and camera layout is really important so I will need to spend some time working out each of my shots. I don't want everything to be shot on one camera or along the same plane, close ups of expressions and objects will highlight certain things more, such as emotions and the importance of an object. Once I've designed my environment I think it will be easier to visualise what camera will go where as I find working in a 3D space is more beneficial to myself.

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