Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Extended Practice

With this being the final module, I plan to make a short 3D animation that centres around a dragon's desire to find the best and most delicious apple. This will allow me have more practice animating quadrupeds, along with creating a more complex rig, and hopefully facial rigging will be included. This will be my largest project to date so I've made sure I've planned out everything and when it needs to be achieved by. Below is my breakdown of each major section of the project: research, development, production and post production. I've also included a section for animation. All these lists will help me keep on track with what has been achieved and what still needs doing. Working out all the aspects of my project at an early stage will help me plan out my whole project and give myself an overview of what I'm trying to achieve. Being the biggest project, I've also made sure that I'm researching and producing things that I've not done before e.g skeletal drawings to help with rigging, advanced rigging, rendering and lighting. I want this piece to look the part and be something that I will be proud of.

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