Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Animation Jobs Go Fast (And Why You Must Go Faster)

Chris Oatley writes some really informative blogs on his thoughts and the way the industry works. I got an email about his new blog post on applying for jobs at animation and games studios, I decided to check it out and it contains a lot of useful advice. The thing with the animation or games industry is that it is very fast paced, and any job that is advertised will soon be filled. Because of this you need to be quick off the mark and apply as soon as possible, preferably within 24 hours of the job being posted. You have to keep on top of job listings and check everyday, and if someone recommends you then that's even more of a reason to apply quickly.
'But right now, I just want to speak to the heart of the matter…The portfolio you have right now is the portfolio you have right now. What difference is two more weeks really going to make? …besides putting you at the very end of that very long line? When you’re trying to break in, you must remain just as proud of your work as you are critical of it. Now is the time to be intensely critical of your own work…not right after you spot a job announcement. When you send your portfolio away to the recruiters and art directors, rest easy and take pride in knowing that you did absolutely everything you could to prepare…and got your application in on time.' - Chris Oatley
Now is the time to start bringing together a final showreel of my time at uni, when I finish I want to create my graduation showreel, and this will be the one I will be sending out to companies and studios. That's not to say I won't be looking for jobs until then, I'm looking right now and if there is anything around, I may enquire about it and get feedback on my showreel. I've got a long list of different companies and studios that I check through regularly to see if there are any jobs, or internships going. It is scary and nerve-wracking applying for jobs and worrying what if they say 'no'. But you will never know unless you try and even if it is a 'no' who's to say you can't try again at a later stage? There are many people at Pixar who applied several times before getting accepted. Landing your dream job will never be easy, but I think getting your first job within the industry can be just as hard. You just have to go for it and be proud of the work that you have sent in and see what happens.

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