Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Developed and Final Dragon Design

Sophie has put together some developed designs for my dragon, along with some expressions and a final design. She's done a great job in capturing what I had in mind and portraying his expressions. As mentioned before, we bounced back ideas and whilst Sophie was drawing I tried producing a quick sculpt using 123D Sculpt, a piece of free software that allows you to sculpt organic shapes and objects on the iPad. This allowed both of us to get a better idea of how the head would look like in 3D as we had some trouble trying to figure it out, and if it would indeed work how we would have wanted. Fig. 1-2 shows the first sculpt I did which seemed very generic in terms of a dragon, I wanted a more rounded face to give it that soft appeal. Sophie was drawing up more rounded designs as seen below, but just to make sure it would work I did a really quick test keeping the face as spherical as possible (Fig. 3-4). It seemed as if it could work out quite well, the eyes would just need repositioning.

Once we settled on the design that was right, Sophie went on to producing a final design along with different details and colours. Out of the initial four that she gave me, A-D, I chose the one with my favourite details and she produced E. This version was also a blend of colours of B and D. I decided against a green or orange dragon due to my animation be set within a forest, I felt that the dragon may get lost within that. He is the main character and focus of this animation so he needs to stand out from the background. I'm really happy with all of the designs produced and I think the final design really captures the essence of my character.

                                         Fig. 1                                                   Fig. 2

                                         Fig. 3                                                   Fig.4

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