Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Initial Dragon Designs

After compiling some moodboards, I started on drawing up some initial ideas for my dragon. These were some quick sketches taking some aspects that I liked from my moodboards. Using these designs as a rough guide, Sophie Linney will be designing my final character in colour, along with a T-pose in order to help when modelling. We've both sat down and talked about what I wanted in my dragon and what would be possible when modelling. Seeing what Sophie was drawing and being able to give feedback right there and then proved very useful and we were able to settle on a design fairly quickly. All these designs have been roughly based on a circle, having smooth lines rather than harsh ones to make it more appealing. As mentioned before, proportion will play a big part in getting across the fact that he is a young dragon. The small wings are a key factor in the dragon's design as the whole point of the story is him not being able to fly, and it will also add appeal in terms of cuteness.

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