Monday, December 10, 2012

Visual Effects and Animation for Film Production

New module time! Visual Effects and Animation for Film Production. Our brief is based around the title of 'Invasion' and we have been given a pre-made storyboard where we have to follow the first 3 shots exactly, the last shot is entirely up to us and we have free reign over it. I am really looking forward to this module as I know I am able to push my animation further especially with more facial expressions with the use of blend shapes. This wasn't possible in the previous module due to the animation being imported into a game engine. The only worry I have at the minute over this module is time restrictions, as I will be away for one week during February for the Animex conference. Another hinderance may be some possible work experience at the end of January (this isn't confirmed yet but there is a possibility of this happening for a maximum of 2 weeks). To make sure I am best prepared I have already started planning out my time and distributing my work between the weeks as best as I can at the moment, without knowing fully what I am going to be doing. I will also make sure that I don't make too much work for myself, not overly complex models and environments. As I want to concentrate on animation this is the area that I should spend the most time on.

I have began to look at different vfx companies, films, adverts and shorts to get an idea of what's out there and to gain some inspiration. There will be blogs up shortly of my findings and hopefully some initial ideas of where I may take this project.

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