Sunday, December 23, 2012

Initial Drawings

I started drawing up some initial designs and from here I will be developing a certain aspect to create my final character. In the previous post I mentioned designing a character that would be four-legged however after drawing up some ideas and asking some people, I found that by having the character sitting on its hind legs it looks more cute and innocent. I tried some animal influences to see what I could come up with and what I've taken to the most is probably the big bushy tail from red pandas. By having it wrap round itself it looks far more innocent and cute which is what my character needs to be. There needs to be a false sense of security.

The next stage is to develop my ideas more to come up with a more refined character. I'm going to play around with proportions more - equal sized head to body or larger head in comparison to body. I want to create fur in Maya for my character but have never tried this before (hopefully it's not too difficult) so I will have to come up some designs / patterns for the coat of my character. Colour is going to be a big part of it as different colours represent different feelings and emotions, as I want there to be a colour change anyway when my character goes from normal to angry I have to make sure its normal state will be an obvious change yet doesn't clash or look too impossible.

I have started developing some ideas for the eyes, these still need more work but the general idea are wide eyed with big pupils. When I have decided on the final design for my character I will then experiment with different emotions and how they will transition from one to another.

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