Sunday, December 16, 2012

Moving on with ideas

So my initial idea was to create a character that seemed quite mysterious and ominous but would turn out to be actually quite gentle and more afraid of other people. It seemed like a good idea however no ideas were really formulating in my head and there just wasn't a spark. I had an idea to do something with large round creatures, almost like balloons however when I thought about this more it was restricting in the animation sense. Within this module I really want to experiment and develop of facial animation, so an alien that would be a bit more complex would allow me more scope for animation. I watched Hotel Transylvania the other month and I fell in love with this film for the style, exaggeration and technique. Throughout the film Dracula's personality will drastically change, as seen in the video below. This is an idea that I would quite like to work into my vfx short.

My idea has now developed further to where the main character, once taken on board the spaceship will see this alien, all cute and innocent and decide to take a picture. Little do they know that the flash of a camera sets it off, so the alien will change dramatically, roaring and looking scary, almost as if it's defending its territory like an animal. By developing on this idea I can play around more with blend shapes and really get more into the animation. Along with this I will also have to make sure the timing is spot on in order for the reaction to be correct. From here I now will start to draw up some initial ideas for aliens, spaceship and the interior before drawing out the final storyboards.

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