Saturday, December 29, 2012

Further Developmet

After drawing out some initial designs I came up with a design I liked by combining a few features from each. I have drawn this character out on four legs, and I keep going back between whether it will be on four or two, however now I have come to a decision for four legs. I looked at meerkats after drawing out initial designs and found that they were a perfect subject to look at as they run on four legs but will stand up on their hind legs to look out for predators. I drew from an image I found off the internet as I found that it best represented what I wanted to draw. This design is still subject to change with the patterns on the fur and the colours, so I created a colour sheet to try out different shades and will get feedback from others to see what suits other people. From here I will then develop it further towards a final design and might adjust eye colour to compliment the fur colour, I will then be creating an expression sheet to go with this and will try sculpting my character out in clay to get a better idea of proportions.

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