Thursday, December 6, 2012

Final Cinematic

Below is the final video of our group cinematic. There were a few issues that crept up during the whole process, most of which were resolved, however the main thing that got to me the most was the animation when it was exported out into Unity3d. The problem was that some of the geometry ended up moving about on their own without having and key frames on them in Maya. Apparently this is happens because Unity tries to convert the curves from Maya and it's not as stable as it should be. To overcome this problem a possibility would be to put it through Motionbuilder before Unity, this should in theory stabilise the animation more. I guess there are just compromises to be made, especially when doing something like this is, has hardly been done before. It's good to see how programmes can be used together and how the industry is using this to their advantage. When Unity 4.0 comes out it should be improved to a much greater standard so hopefully this issue will be fixed.

I'm quite happy with how the animation turned out in the end considering it was my first real attempt to make a substantial animation using biped rigs. There are many things I would change but that comes with time and practice - walk / run cycles for example.

Gloria Kendrick - Private Eye from Siobhan Parkhouse on Vimeo.

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