Saturday, December 22, 2012

Power to the Pixels Exhibition

We had our first public exhibition of our work from one of the modules, the Game Art and Machinima module. We showed a collective of work from concept art, to character turnarounds and the final cinematics. It would have been nice to have longer to prepare for this and to refine work to a higher standard but it was also good to see that even on short notice, we were all able to pull it together and what we achieved in that time was not too bad. I felt that overall it didn't feel as professional as I would have liked, we probably needed more time to organise and set up the place. Going down there and checking out the venue before hand would have been useful, to physically see the space we were dealing with and what we could do to enhance it. I definitely think that the next exhibition we hold, there needs to be more publicity, only family and friends really turned up to see it this time round, but it would be nice to get the outside public in and maybe some industry practitioners. For our first time though I guess it was better off being like this as we now know what to do next time and what not to do. It would never have been perfect and correct the first time round, just next time will need improving a lot.

Something else to bear in mind next time, will be to include little blurbs about each piece of work, just to explain in short, the process and what it actually is. If people don't want to be standing by their work all night, this is an alternative that may work if the viewer wants to know more about the piece. Next time I think a different location may be something to look at, even though it's meant to be an up and coming art area, I know it made a few people uncomfortable walking to and from the venue. Because of the location and the feel of the place I think it made a few of us feel unenthusiastic about the whole exhibition, if it was somewhere more central then things might have been different.

All in all it was something new, for the majority of us we had never really put up an external exhibition before, so it was a learning process. We made mistakes but we know what to change next time and hopefully it'll be better and we'll feel more happy about it all. It was still nice to see all our work up and presented though as it's normally just put up online and that's that. An end of year show would be quite good as by that time everyone will have branched out a bit and have produced something individual and unique to themselves.

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