Tuesday, December 11, 2012


So I've finally got round to creating my first showreel, this was mainly for a work experience application but either way it's good to have one to summarise what I have created during 2012. Looking back over my previous and most current work I picked out the best parts which would go at the front and end of my showreel. You want to grab the viewers attention so it's always best to start and end with the best. The good pieces should go in the middle, there were some pieces I wasn't too happy with so I thought it best not to include them at all as I knew I could do better. I got the help of Jamie in first year as I'm not too confident with editing. What we ended up with is something that I will be proud to show and even though it is a short showreel I spent a good amount of time on each animation. The more animation I do the more choice I have over what to include in my showreel, and also the more practice I get. This is only my first so there will be more to follow in the near future!

Animation Showreel 2012 from Siobhan Parkhouse on Vimeo.

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