Thursday, December 6, 2012

Creative Rhetorics

The main thing that was spoken about in this lecture was creative flow. D&AD started a project with many famous creatives who would all share their approach to the dreaded 'blank sheet of paper' - The Blank Sheet Project. It's always a daunting thing, facing a blank sheet, where do you start? Will this idea be good enough? Will it be the best?

Renzo Rosso the founder of Diesel Jeans spoke of 'the next is always the best'. This suggests that no matter how good you think one idea is, your next one will be better. You have to nurture your skill and evolve it to progress in your field. It can also suggest that art is beyond definition, it's constantly changing therefore who's to say what's good and what isn't. Teamwork is key, without teamwork it is very had to get ahead. One person on their own isn't enough, it may be to start out with but to develop an idea, to push things forward you need a team. You need to be able to work well with others and collaborate with different creatives.

The creative genius is something interesting to look at, as artists we are the creator not imitator, we create new rules and should be empowering other artists like us and boosting creativity. Creativity is an individual decision so it is up to us whether we want to push ourselves or not. It is so easy to just give up and not reach our full potential but at then end of the day it is down to ourselves. If we do not have the motivation or passion why bother. Our creativity is something we should be proud of, it should be something we pass onto others to inspire.

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