Thursday, December 6, 2012

Key Frame Animation

I just came across this film that was produced in 1971 by the National Research Council of Canada which shows how key frame animation and 3D models were produced. It's quite amazing to see how far the technology now has progressed and how much we take it for granted. To make a simple cube it involves drawing out the individual lines whereas today it's pre-made, no work involved. The whole process it takes just to key frame some animation is a lot of effort, there are a lot of stages that need to be done before you can move on to the next pose or frame. Watching this has just made me appreciate Maya even more and how much you can actually do with it. We shouldn't be afraid to push the boundaries as if people back in the 70's didn't do this 3D modelling and animation may not be as progressed as it is today. The people back then were pioneers and what we have done in this module within Unity is something that has not been done as much so you could even say we are pioneering to an extent.

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