Monday, December 10, 2012

Alien Animation - Exhibition

As an exhibition to showcase all of our work from the previous module, Game Art and Machinma - the process behind it all and the final outcomes are going up for one night this week. Some people have taken different jobs to promote the exhibition and create showreels. As I want to become an animator I will take as much practice as I can get so I volunteered myself to create a short animation that would be part of the stings. The stings will go infront of each final cinematic to show who made it and have the title of our exhibition, 'Power to the Pixels'. We chose to use the alien as it has been a reoccurring theme during the Game Art module as we all had to complete one as part of the tutorials.

To make it more interesting I gave the alien more weight, so you could see the sign being a heavy object on him. This also gave me the opportunity to do something more than just a walk cycle, before this point I hadn't really touched upon weight. I think what I have created has turned out well and the more animation I'm doing, the more I'm understanding and realising how much the body actually moves even when just walking.

Not only was this beneficial for me in the form if more animation practice, but it also gave me a chance to work on a very short timescale and it was interesting to see how much I managed to achieve in just under 2 days. It's nice to do these short animations as well as it is quite refreshing and you get used to working in a short period of time. When looking at industry they normally expect someone to be able to complete so many seconds I polished animation in a week, so I think it would be good for me to get into the habit of doing this. It will also allow me to add more pieces to my showreel and I will be able to push myself that little bit more.

Alien Animation from Siobhan Parkhouse on Vimeo.

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