Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Transmedia Aspect

As part of this module we have to come up with an idea of how our product could be expanded upon to create extended stories, characters or environments. Transmedia surrounds our society so by understanding and thinking about how my animation could be taken into a new medium will only be a benefit myself. By extending stories and characters through different mediums it can open up the world to a whole new audience than what it was originally intended for.

For my animation, I would propose that the story would be extended to the fox's point of view. The last shot you see of the fox is her running off to the woods. She would run back off to see her children and tell them her encounter with a human and how they need to be sly and cunning in order to escape danger. This extension of the story could be to tell children how animals need to be protected and shouldn't be hunted for their fur. The story could be told as an illustrated book to target it to a younger audience, however it could also be part of an anti fur campaign.

I took a pre-existing story and adapted it slightly by expanding on the characters and the environment they inhabited. Recently there has been a lot of animations that have been adapted from short stories and turned into feature films. This shows the versatility of stories and how easily they can be extended. Even though these animated films are still aimed at the same age group, it could still open it up to new people and people who have never heard of the stories before. Animated features are in high demand and by taking a story into this medium it can give the story a new form of popularity. This then can be translated into merchandise and games from that film. This list is extensive, is just needs the marketing and publicity to push it.

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