Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I wasn't able to look for a soundtrack for my animation as I didn't think it would be complete on time. I didn't want anyone putting the time in for an unfinished piece of work. What I might do however is to see if someone wants to compose a soundtrack for me after the deadline. It will probably be easier this way as everything will be timed out and no changes will need to be made to the animation.

What I have done is sourced sounds from the BBC Sound Library just so that it helps my animation along. I realise that there are a few sound effects that I'm missing but I wasn't able to find these at a short notice. The soundtrack that I have included will probably just be for temporary purposes, I found it from Soundtrack Pro and just thought it would be better to have a simple sound over the whole animation as without it, I found it quite bland.

I've had to match up the dialogue to the rendered out shots in Final Cut Pro, it's as close as I can get it, but think in some areas it's a bit missed timed. I think next time I'll make sure that both my animation clip and dialogue starts at the same time in order to make it sync up perfectly.

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