Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Assets Collaboration

Because my focus for this module was to be animation, I sourced the help of a friend to create my tree assets and the texture for my cabin. I met Arron Walker through twitter and he was a recent graduate from Nottingham Trent Uni. It was a win win situation for both of us, it freed up my own time but allowed him to create more assets for his own portfolio whilst getting experience working with someone else. His previous work is more realistic so it was a good challenge for him to work on my project as I wanted something a bit more stylised to fit in with the design of the characters.

I gave Arron some rough concept art and moodboards to go off of and from here we decided upon pine trees as these were the easiest to create and allowed them to look similar to one another. He did still create a couple of variations, one of them being a tree designed more for the background, he created a feathered texture so this would suit trees further in the distance as to up close. Originally he was just meant to create the texture for my cabin, however once he got my basic model he decided to change it a bit and add in some extra geometry details. He created window panes, planks and made the steps for the cabin more 'worn down'. I really appreciate all he's done for me as it has allowed me to properly concentrate on the animation without having to worry. I trusted his judgement so didn't feel the need to check up on him all the time. The outcomes are great and fit in with each scene really well, I couldn't ask for better especially in the time given for him to complete these assets.

The last image shows how both assets look together within the scene, fully lit and rendered out.

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