Wednesday, May 8, 2013


The environment for my animation was something that I didn't feel was as important as other areas, however I still researched into different landscapes and how forest scenes were translated to animated features. I wanted to keep the whole environment simple and designed in a stylised way. The whole animation is set within a forest, until the man comes into a clearing, so for this I wanted to come up with some tree designs and populate my scenes with them. Luckily I got my friend Arron Walker to design and create the trees for me, he will also be texturing my cabin (as seen below).  I thought it would be best to get someone else to create these assets for me as it would leave more time for me to animate, and also played to his strengths more. The image below shows some quick concepts of trees, I was just trying out a different style and experimenting with shapes. I think that these are a bit too stylised but by taking the bottom left design, we decided to create pine trees but keeping them to a simple design.

The only other things needed for the environment is the floor, sky and maybe some foliage in the clearing scene. For the floor I think I will get a texture online and edit it together with another in order to achieve the look that I want. I'm happy with the direction it's going at the moment and hopefully it'll be really good once it all comes together.

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