Thursday, April 25, 2013


As part of the responsive brief, one aspect is to make what we're creating transferrable across different mediums, so it becomes transmedia. Not only is it story, but characters, and sometimes environment too that can be cross transferrable. FMX Conference which is going on right now in Stuttgart, Germany is a conference on animation, effects, games and transmedia. The video below is a clip from yesterday giving an overview of transmedia and how it's not about a story changing for a new medium, but it should carry through and be an extension. Transmedia is a very common thing today, what may have started out as just a story, can now be branched out into a huge franchise, books, films, games, comics, toys, the list goes on. It's interesting to see that conferences are addressing this topic too, by covering a range of different mediums and seeing the link between all of them. It brings people together and also opens up the story or characters to a new audience in a new medium.

Whatever we create, we should consider the life it has after. Things can be changed and added on to, create new stories to tell. As it is now a common thing, it's something to really take into consideration, everything can be easily moved between mediums, even more so now because of technology. For my piece I'm not fully decided on what would be transmedia but either the story or characters would be transferrable.

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