Sunday, April 28, 2013

Character Rigs

For my animation, I have mentioned before about using pre-made rigs. The rigs that I have chosen to use are Morpheus Rig by Josh Burton and a Fox Rig created by mooses on Creative Crash. The images below show the rigs in their standard form. What's great about the Morpheus Rig is that it is fully customisable, body shape, skin colour, textures, you can even add on extra geometry to the character. The UI that's shown with Morphy, is a quick and easy way to change the body shape and features of the face, there are also extra controls built in to change the face shape, it gives you that bit of extra control. The Fox rig, is a simple quadruped, it does the job. I wouldn't have time to build my own and the last one I created needed a lot of changes and fixes for it to work in the correct way. I may change the eye texture at some point, just so it matches with the style of Morphy a bit more.

There's a tutorial on how to change the texture of Morphy, so I will be following that when it comes to creating the clothing texture for my characters. Morphy is really extensive and I think I will be looking more into the features and functions after this module as it has the ability to be changed drastically and this would be a real benefit for myself.

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