Saturday, April 27, 2013

Character Designs / Clothing

As I'm using the morpheus rig, it allows me the flexibility of changing the characters appearance and gender. It's really quite comprehensive and there are also other tools available in order for you to attach other pieces of geometry to the character, and make it deform like the rest of the body when animated. I haven't really had the time to look into these, but it's something I plan to do in my spare time. The image below shows the two characters I came up with when changing around the aesthetic look of the morpheus rig. There is a custom UI built in where you are able to change all the different parts of the body, and there is also other deformers available for that extra control.

The Morpheus rig just comes in a basic grey texture, however this can be changed. I followed this tutorial that was posted on 11 Second Club which takes you through the process of changing out the texture of the grey jumpsuit to the orange one. The original grey texture connection has to be broken in order for you to replace it with a new one and reconnect the smooth node back to the geometry. Following the tutorial, it's a fairly simple process - the orange texture was just what was supplied from the tutorial. You also have to copy the UVs to a new UV set in order for the texture to work. This second UV set is a lot cleaner than the original so when it comes to changing the texture of Morpheus, I would use this orange texture map as a basis and recreate my own.

I have already looked into clothing ideas for the character, but haven't gone into great detail and right now I'm concentrating more on the animation. I'm struggling quite a bit to get everything done on time, but right now the animation is the most important aspect, as if that's not all complete then the story isn't told and my main objective was to produce a decent animation that explore performance. I'll see what can be achieved in the time but it may be that the characters are just in the grey texture for the handin, but I will revisit it after this to complete it all, if this is the case.

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