Thursday, April 25, 2013

Fox and Grapes

This animation is based around Aesop's Fable: The Fox and The Crow, however it has been adapted in a way that changes the story, almost flips it the other way around compared to the original. Not only that but it extends upon the whole story, the scene is established more at the beginning and sets the stage up for both characters. The original fable is quite short and wasn't descriptive in terms of location, so the animation below, created by Frank Tashlin explored this further and adapted it to his own style. It shows how an adapted piece of writing can be transferred into another medium really well and kept interesting and still feels like a new thing. It has been extended by quite some measure as this is about a 7 minute animation, for my one it's only going to be about a minute, but I can easily see how it is possible to extend it by substantial amount. Just padding it out won't work however, there needs to be a reason and a good script behind it to make it work.

This animation is a piece of transmedia, the story has been adapted but has reference to it being an Aesop Fable, and the fox and the crow characters have been used again but this time in the form of animation. By creating an animation, people are able to see the story in a visual way and this also allows for more exaggeration and personality to come through in the characters. It also brings the story into modern day, the fables themselves have been around for a long time and creating an animation is more current and can open it up to a new audience.

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