Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Fox Tale

I came across this animation a while back now, but the story and style has been something that has really stuck with me. Watching it back with more of a focus on the fox animation and environment design I was able to pick out things that I liked the look of and what could give me inspiration. The environment itself is quite stylised and vibrant in colours, I know for my animation I am wanting a more stylised approach, but also it still holding some realism (possibly in the textures). This short is quite heavily populated with foliage and a wide variety of different plants. I won't be needing this many but it's interesting to see how by just changing the scale and rotation, you can quickly populate an area.

Another thing that caught my eye in this short is the lighting. I know this is something I will really need to look up on as at the minute, my lighting and rendering knowledge isn't up to scratch. I want it to look appealing but also lighting plays a big part in any scene. Not only does it tell the time of day and the weather but it can also suggest emotion, and this will be greatly influenced by the style of music that goes along with it. Light will also draw the eye to specific points, the objects that are in shadow won't be as important as the object that's in the light, it can change the way a composition is looked at, both layout and light need to work together to draw the viewers eye to the main object in the scene. There's a lot I need to think about and decide upon before I come to actually making it, so I think I'll be making a list of what I need to do and also the assets I'll be needing for my animation.

A fox tale from A Fox Tale on Vimeo.

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